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Welcome to the Ministry of Unknown Science!

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Video of the Week
Rabbi Hirschfeld
That Wascally Wabbi.

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Personal Relationship With Jesus
At home with your savior.
Gud: The Better God
Your God sucks.

Field Test
There's only one way to be sure...
Ball Sac Spray
Can I ask you a personal question?
Anger Management
Just let it out.
Feed The Fat
A "modest" proposal is for pussies!
Science of the Mind #2
And now...Science of the Mind with Armitage Shanks!
Von Cobuli
The Office Vampire
Color Bars
Coming up next on FOX!
Hippie Doctor, M.D.
He's got one simple remedy...
The Legend of Lopez!
Recorded Live at Experiment No. 4!
Science of the Mind #1
And now...Science of the Mind with Professor T!
Boys and Girls: No Difference
You've always thought they were different, but you know something? They're not!
Detective Elephant Man
Just because you're horribly deformed
doesn't mean you're
not an idiot.
Mane Man
A new frontier in hair replacement.
Falipornia Speak Therapy
Good talk now, ask me how.
Kung-Fu Fuck You
Three martial artists unleash their “dancing finger style” in a bird-flipping battle royale.
Me Llamo El Sol
AKA “The Dark Side of the Sun.”
Addressing the Clones
If there's one thing an army of clones is good for, it's invading the sun. But they're not really good for that either.

The Ministry of Unknown Science -- or MOUS, as it is acronymically known -- is widely believed to be an underground comedy cadre located in Los Angeles, California who mix live performances with digital video sketches, and in the process blow their audiences' freaking heads wide open with fun.

In actuality, MOUS is a top-secret consortium of scientific geniuses backed with all the funding, nuclear technology, bad ideas and pure will necessary to control the entire world.

For the last four years, the organization has performed experiments at venues around Los Angeles to sold-out audiences, based largely on word-of-mouth, and occasionally word-of-nose. It is truly underground comedy.


The People have spoken!

Thanks to the glory of the internet, we have recieved word from some very happy junior scientists out there who appreciate all that we're doing for scientific progress.
One writes:

"hey guys, just had a quick question for you, why are you so awesome????????? well, just wondering. Anyway, i love your show, and your podcast. I share the wicked sweetness with my friends, and they love you too. Too bad I live in crappy Rhode Island. I can probably never see von cobuli in person. Hey, Big ass, i can still see you guys on my ipod. Keep making life here in Coventry Rhode Island not so bad. Since I'm only thirteen, ive got lots of time on my hands. . So i drew this crappy picture inspired by your amazing videos."

And here's another:

Wow. Just when I thought I would despair for ever, rotting away in (shudder) New England, I chanced across the Ministry of Unknown Science. Finally, hope for humanity. All y’alls incredible dancing finger style and sun-invading clone armys have given me back the spring in my step and the twinkle in my eye. Yes, with a little help from Mr. Cobuli and the amazing Ball Saxbury, I am a new man. I tip my hat to you, and salute you in your noble quest in the name of science.

Who can argue with that? No one!

Clearly, the Ministry of Unknown Science holds some serious sway over the region of New England.


Got your own question for the ministers?

Good! Email them and they'll answer your questions here, in our forum, The ministry of Unknown Science!



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