*Armitage Shanks*

Rico Gagliano received his Master's in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Then he wrote for crappy shows on ABC, MTV (several crappy shows for them, actually) and syndicated television. He also worked on one good show: "Angela Anaconda." That was on Fox Family and got nominated for some Emmys but never won, goddamn it. Because he is a quitter, he left the TV world in 2003 to work full time as a public radio reporter and producer. If you're a member of the liberal elite, you're probably familiar with his work on such hippie Communist propaganda shows as "Marketplace," "The Savvy Traveler," "Marketplace Money," "Weekend America" and "All Things Considered." And you probably thought to yourself, "What a smart, witty, worldly young man that Rico must be." In the latest Ministry show he takes off his pants three times and you see his naked butt twice.